The Art of Tarot – an tarot art show in toronto

November 21st, 2011 § 1 comment

The Art of Tarot at The Hermit's Lamp

The Art of Tarot

A Tarot art show in my very own city and I didn’t even know it! That is, until someone mysteriously left a postcard for the event in my front door.

It’s The Art of Tarot featuring twelve artists sharing Tarot inspired pieces at The Hermit’s Lamp, a new magic shop and event center in Toronto.

The Hermit’s Lamp is run by Andrew McGregor, who I posted about earlier this year.

Through their Toronto Tarot Portal, he and James Wells do regular podcasts on a wide variety of tarot related topics. And they’re very good.

The Art of Tarot is looking towards the future of Tarot, though it’s clearly inspired by traditions of the past. The pieces are fabulous, I’d love to see them in a deck.

Most are paintings or drawings, but there’s also a sculpture, a stained glass window, and even a quilt. I’ve got to get over there and see them myself.

The show runs through the end of November, but the gallery is only open Wednesday through Saturday. Get there if you can.

And to whoever left the postcard in my front door, thank you!

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