Archetypes Come To Life

April 3rd, 2012 § 0 comments

#10 Wheel of Fortune from the Smith Waite Tarot

Just yesterday I wrote about the Walters Art Museum and how they’ve been posting images of their collection on-line. I specifically mentioned the Four Evangelists, and the Wheel of Fortune and World cards.

Following tradition, both cards in the Smith Waite Tarot depict the Gospel writers as the Lion, the Bull, the Eagle, and the Human.

The video below shows almost the same characters come to life on a snowy porch in Unalaska, Alaska.

#21 The World from the Smith Waite Tarot

A little fox has filled in for the bull (which certainly shakes things up on a metaphoric level), but the eagle, cat, and human are all present.

Of course you don’t see the human because she’s doing the filming, but she’s there with the rest of them being a living archetype.

I love it!!

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