Happy Life – a film by Sun & Egg

July 17th, 2012 § 0 comments

The video below is called Happy Life. It’s by Xin Sun and Yun Li working together under the name Sun & Egg.

It has nothing to do with Tarot. But besides simply loving it, I’m posting it here because it brilliantly teaches a fine lesson, one that I’ve also come across through working with the Tarot.

Don’t be afraid of your shadow or what you’re carrying around in your deepest self.

Let it rise to the surface and take a clear, non-judgmental look at it. Banishing elements of yourself to the unconscious realm without getting to know them first will only lead to sadness.

The strange and unusual is what makes us unique. And the more we get to know the varied aspects of our soul, the easier it is to fully love ourselves and others.

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