Cook County Reconsiders Psychic Business Zoning Approval

September 23rd, 2012 § 0 comments

Last month Cook County, Illinois zoning commissioners approved a zoning change that would have allowed a ‘tarot card psychic business’ to open in Maine Township. The Maine Township Zoning Board also approved.

Last week however, Cook County commissioners deferred the final decision on the question until next month.

Apparently, Commissioner Peter Silvestri, who represents the district in which the psychic business is located, received a petition signed by 50 people opposing the shop.

According to Journal On-line, the signatories gave no legal basis for their opposition. They simply don’t want a psychic business in the neighbourhood.

Until last month, the business had been operating without a license, but no other criminal complaints had been lodged against it.

The issue will likely be raised again at the county board’s next meeting on October 2nd.

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