Sun in Scorpio – Sun in Death's Clothing

October 23rd, 2012 § 0 comments

Sun in Scorpio, Sun Dressed in Death's Clothing

Sun Dressed As Death

The Sun moves into Scorpio today and will be there until November 21st.

If you look at this transit from a Tarot perspective, it would be like the Sun is dressed in Death’s clothing. He’s still on his horse, but he’s much more covered up than usual.

The Sun in Scorpio, or the Sun dressed in Death’s clothing, is a period that highlights change, quite literally lighting it up.

It’s a great time to bring clarity to issues usually too deep or dark to properly understand.

What you see might not be pretty, but it could be a powerful motivator.

Dig on into the muck and don’t be afraid to get dirty. Play around even, the dark can be as fun as the light.

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