Georgie’s Magic Card Collection

June 2nd, 2024 Comments Off on Georgie’s Magic Card Collection

I have a lot of Tarot decks. Not as many as some people I know, but a lot, over 200, maybe closer to 300. None of them are brand new (or even new at all), as I haven’t gone card shopping in a few years (it can be addictive once you start noticing how many amazing ones are out there). But seeing all the decks I have sitting on my shelves and in the drawers, I thought I might want to look at each one again, more carefully, with new eyes, like when I first got it.

In some cases, it’ll likely feel as if I’m actually seeing it for the first time. I’m not proud of it, but there have been times when so many new decks were entering my world at once that I didn’t really give them the focus they deserved. In other cases, I’ve used a deck so often it’s tattered and worn, and probably should be replaced … but never thrown away, I don’t think I could ever do that …

But back to my point. I’m going to start doing short reviews, or quick takes on each of my Tarot and/or Oracle Decks. I’m not going to go into great depth on any of them, probably just highlighting 3 to 5 elements of each one that I particularly like (or maybe don’t like as much). Some decks will be classics, others, less so, or even far, far less so. It should be interesting … for me at least. And hopefully you’ll like it too.

Expect the first instalment of Georgie’s Magic Card Collection soon. And have a good day!

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