Relationship Check-In Spread

June 4th, 2024 Comments Off on Relationship Check-In Spread

This Tarot Spread is meant as an exploration of an existing relationship – romantic or otherwise …

1. What do I want/expect from this relationship?
1b. How is this need/desire being fulfilled or not

2. What does the other person want/expect from this relationship?
2b. How is their need/desire being fulfilled or not

3. Describe a source of positive unity between us
3b. How might this unity be further nurtured

4. Describe a source of possible disunity between us
4b. How might we work through this potential issue

5. Attitudinal recommendation to maintain and/or strengthen the relationship, ie. what attitude would be useful at this time

6. A suggested behaviour and/or physical action to take toward maintaining and/or strengthening the relationship

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