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June 8th, 2024 Comments Off on Back On Instagram

It’s been a few years, but I’m back on Instagram. I never actually left, I’d just stop posting. But now I’m back and doing an ongoing series called Tarot Sightings – Toronto.

It’s pretty well a Tarot Card of the Day type thing, but instead of pulling a card from a deck (like I do for the Cards of the Day on this blog), the cards described come from Tarot symbol sightings I make on my wanderings around Toronto.

While walking around the city, I keep my eyes open for Tarot symbols, or card archetypes. I’ve been doing this for years with graffiti, but for this project I’m watching for Tarot motifs in anything I might see. It could be tomato plants on a rooftop, gas meters on a house wall, or some graffiti image that brings Tarot to mind.

Using a graffiti image as an example … my post from 6/2/24 shows a picture of a woman holding a cup. That image is on an electrical box at an intersection. In the post I declared the woman a Princess of Cups at a Crossroad with the Tarot message that “things might be changing, with new places, new friends … but as busy as it gets, remember to take care of yourself. Stay kind, curious, and hydrated’

The point was to put the Tarot character into a context for that day’s message. You do the same thing in an actual Tarot reading where there’s not only the traditional definition of the card to consider, but also its context within a spread, and/or through what question had been asked of it.

In Tarot Sightings, I’m also thinking about the traditional definition, how it’s expressed, and where it’s located.

By putting these ideas together in a quick sentence or two (or three), the day’s card, or tarot archetype’s message becomes specific to that day, locale, weather, or whatever. It’s like using a constantly evolving deck to offer a Tarot message from various perspectives around the city.

Anyway … this post has tuned out to be much longer than I had envisioned. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m back posting on Instagram and what Tarot Sightings Toronto is meant to be.

If you’d like to see for yourself, visit me on Instagram at: @thetarotroom

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