Tarot Tune-Up

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If you’re feeling a little off, emotionally or otherwise, try going through your deck and consciously choosing a card or two that you think describes how you’re feeling and why you might be feeling that way.

Then shuffle your deck up and randomly choose another card or two asking the same question.

Take a look at how the cards relate (if at all) and maybe journal about all the cards you pulled and how they match your mood.

Whenever I try this out I’m always amazed at the insights I get. Hope it’s interesting for you too!

Anniversary Relationship Spread

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In honour of my parents’ wedding anniversary, celebrating 52 years of good times, here’s a relationship spread you might be interested in trying …


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! I love you both!!

Face Your Demons – a halloween inspired tarot spread

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#15 The Devil from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

As Halloween is drawing near, I asked my RWS deck to show me a card that would inspire a good Halloween spread … the card I got was the Devil.

Though at his more challenging the Devil represents brutish power games, physical obsessions, and spiritual imbalance, at his best he can reflect hard work, a fiendish sense of humour, and an enthusiasm for breaking taboos and exposing hypocrisy.

One way or another, the Devil asks us to face our demons. It’s a spooky thing to do, perfect for Halloween.

So here we go, a Halloween inspired, Face Your Demons Spread

1. What is the spooky demon I’m most afraid of facing?
2. How am I bound or chained to it?
3. How can I unchain myself?
4. What false belief, silly taboo, or outdated orthodoxy am I clinging onto?
5. What purpose has this perspective served for me?
6. What might be a more balanced and useful perspective to explore?
7. How can I find humour in the demon I’ve been facing?

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Travel Tarot Spread

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I’m leaving for San Francisco today on my way to this weekend’s Bay Area Tarot Symposium, aka BATS. I can hardly wait to get there!

In preparation for any trip, I usually like to pull a few cards.

Sometimes I’ll just pull one card asking something like, ‘what advice do you have for me on my voyage?” or ‘how can I make the most of this trip?’

But sometimes I like to do a full spread, asking for a little more detail then just general advice.

Take a look at my Travel Tarot Spread below, and give it a try before your next trip.

Travel Tarot Spread

1. What should be a priority on this trip?

2. How can I best focus my attention there?

3. Is there a challenge I should be aware of?

4. What about a hidden gift I might look out for?

5. What can I learn while I’m away?

6. What can I teach?

7. How can I most enjoy myself and best make this a smooth, happy, and safe journey?

Bon Voyage!!

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Mid-Summer Tarot Check-Up

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Summer by Billy Frank Alexander Design

It’s a mid-summer long-weekend here in Toronto, and in honour of the holiday I thought I’d share a mid-summer Tarot spread.

It’s meant to tap into the energy of summer and be a keep-the-heat-on mid-season check-up for any project or situation you’ve been focusing on these last few months …

Mid-Summer Tarot Check-Up

1. What has been the focus of my summer to date?

2. What mid-point have I reached regarding this focus, project, or situation?

3. What adjustments in my focus might be recommended considering the progress I’ve made so far this summer?

4. How can I keep-the-heat-on in gaining clarity, and/or achieving resolution?

5. What can I let shine right now?

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Clear Away The Fear – a tarot spread

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Carl JK and the Wheel of Fortune

Disturbed by fear-inducing superstitions surrounding things like Friday the 13th, black cats, broken mirrors, and the like, my very own black cat, Carl JK, suggested I share the following Clear Away The Fear Tarot spread.

Sometimes the things we’re afraid of are well worth being concerned about. Often though, we create fear from nothing.

The Clear Away The Fear spread is meant to explore areas in our life where false fears or superstitions might be holding us back from enjoying ourselves as fully as we can.

So take this Friday the 13th to try it out. Clear away your own fears, or at least look at them closely enough to make sure they’re worth your time.

Oh yes, and fear not the black cat. He brings good fortune.

Clear Away the Fear Tarot Spread

1. In what area of my life am I harboring superstitions or what might be irrational fears?

2. What about these fears have legitimacy?

3. What about these fears are creating a false state of panic?

4. What can I do to confront and deal with my legitimate concerns?

5. How might I replace the false fears with courage and positive action?

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Gemini Decision-Making Spread

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In honour of the Sun moving into Gemini yesterday, I thought we could celebrate with a Tarot spread – a Gemini Tarot Spread to be specific.

In Tarot, Gemini is ruled by the Lovers and often represents commitments, communication, relationships, and decision-making.

#6 The Lovers from the Tarot of Marseille

The Lovers

Though this is a great time to explore any of those topics, it’s the area of decision-making that I’d like to focus on in today’s spread.

Looking at all sides of an issue is one of the gifts of the Gemini energy, and in turn the Lovers.

But that same gift can also be a challenge when it comes to making a choice. Too much information can be confusing.

To help pull out the relevant issues in a decision-making situation, here’s a simple spread meant to examine two options (though of course you can add as many options to the lay out as you’d like).

Try it out …

Gemini Decision-Making Spread

1. What am I trying to do? This card is meant to look at the big picture, or the ultimate goal of either option.

2. Describe my options (2 cards) – Before you pull these cards, decide which of your options will be described by which card, ex. Option A: I take the job at company XYZ, Option B: I keep working freelance.

Check to see not only how each card describes what the options might look or feel like, but also how they relate to the first card you pulled.

Does there seem to be a connection or is the option described taking you somewhere completely different than you mean to go?

3. What are the challenges of Option A? What are the challenges of Option B?

4. What are the benefits of Option A? What are the benefits of Option B?

5. How am I likely to feel going forward if I choose Option A? How am I likely to feel going forward if I choose Option B?

Again, look to see how these cards not only describe how you might feel, but also how they compare to the other cards in their group, the other group, and the ultimate goal of your decision.


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A Fool's Spread

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0, the Fool from Georgie's Tarot

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and in honour of positive foolishness everywhere, I’ve put together a Tarot spread aimed at releasing your own inner Fool.

Try it out …

A Fool’s Spread

1. Why do I need to play and to be a Fool sometimes?

2. What hinders my sense of play and shuts down my Fool?

3. What helps support my Fool and helps me to play?

4. Where can I find more fun and positive foolishness in my life?

5. Right now – how can I most positively act the Fool?

Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone!! Be free, adventurous, and have some fun!!

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Scott Grossberg's 'Hand's of Truth'

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In the video below, Scott Grossberg, creator of the Deck of Shadows, demonstrates a reading technique he calls the Hands of Truth.

He describes the method as being similar to using a pendulum in that ideo motor responses from the body direct the reading.

In Grossberg’s technique, a reader randomly chooses two cards from the deck and turns them up. He or she then passes them to the querent who holds each card face up in each hand.

The reader then tells the querent that one of their hands is going to rise, while the other will get lower. There’s no rush for this to happen, but typically it does.

The reader then takes the card from the lower hand and reads it as being an energy the querent is leaving. The card from the raised hand represents where they are likely headed.

It’s an interesting twist on a two-card reading, and really allows for the querent to be involved.

I think I’ll try it out with someone soon.

Scott was a guest on Beyond Worlds back at the end of 2010. He spoke about his Deck of Shadows and a lot of other interesting and magical things. You can listen to the show here …

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The Get Organized Spread

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Mercury will be going direct on Friday, so if communication, calculation, and travel have been a bit crazy lately, don’t despair, things should start getting back to normal soon.

And not only is the retrograde ending, but with September on it’s way, a new season is about to begin.

It sounds like a good time to get organized, at least for me. Things are likely to start getting busy again and I want to be prepared.

2 of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The 2 of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Smith deck came to mind when I started thinking about what the Tarot has to say about getting organized.

In the image, a man in an unusual hat is holding a couple of pentacles in front of some water. Boats go by behind him, rocking with the waves, but staying afloat.

I typically see this card as representing harmonious change, like the movement from one season to the next. It points to taking care of the little details necessary for the transition to go smoothly.

It’s a busy rather than a heavy time, though the water behind the man does indicate a certain emotionality.

When there’s a lot to do and not much time, emotions can get stormy. Ride the wave and hold on, you might get wet, but you don’t have to get swamped.

This card reminds us to find a flow and take things step by step, even see our tasks as play if we can, quite literally as juggling. It’s easy and fun once you find the rhythm.

What needs organizing might feel overwhelming, but just break it down into smaller pieces. It’s likely a lot more manageable than it looked at first.

From the ideas in the 2 of Pentacles, I’ve put together a Get Organized Spread. It takes a look at what area in your life might need some organization, what’s in the way, and what might help.

Get Organized
1. What area of my life is in particular need of organization?

2. How is my attention being divided from my tasks in this area?

3. How can I find the flow to maximize productivity in this area?

4. What emotions might be getting in the way?

5. Is there any way to make my work feel more like play, while still getting things done?

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