Mars in Aquarius – The Tower Strikes the Star

Mars in Aquarius, The Tower Strikes the Star

Through the eyes of the Tarot, this transit is like the Tower striking around the Star. A shot of fiery energy has made its way into the night garden of the goddess.

The Tower is a powerful source of change. Its lightening strikes and the sky ignites giving us the chance to see things from a very different perspective.

And though shifting foundations can certainly be disturbing, they can also open doors to freedom, and a new way of organizing our lives.

The Tower breaks down old concepts of authority and asks us to be in charge of ourselves. It’s a call to action, and one that’s not easy to ignore.

The Star, on the other hand, is typically quite peaceful, a calm respite after changes brought on by Tower-like disruptions.

Her focus is on emotional stability and physical nurturance. She is hope and serenity, peace, and faith in the future.

The Star gains her strength from compassion, and a willingness to bare truth and love for all to see.

And though she’s quite comfortable quietly doing her own thing, the Star’s more than capable of handling a lightening bolt or two.

Mars in Aquarius, or the Tower’s lightening striking around the Star, might be described as a time of energized benevolence.

It’s easier now to see how much we have in common with our neighbours, and how extending kindness beyond our usual circle of loved ones is good for everyone.

Let situations that might normally surprise, or even upset you act as opportunities to open up to more compassion, not shut it down.

It’s a fabulous time right now to amp up our empathy, and to set universal love on fire.

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