Mars in Virgo – The Tower Strikes the Hermit

Mars in Virgo, the Tower Strikes the Hermit

Tower Strikes the Hermit

From a Tarot perspective, this transit is like the Tower’s crashing around the Hermit and the night skies are on fire.

The Tower is raw power exploding from out of nowhere and shaking down everything in its wake.

It’s great for breaking through blocks and stale ways of thinking, but it can sure make things uncomfortable.

The Tower might be shocking, but at least if provides a chance to start fresh. Things that once seemed solid crumble like sand and it becomes apparent that they weren’t so solid after all.

The Hermit isn’t particularly keen on surprises. He’s slow moving and likes his fire contained.

He’s concerned with the inner realms, and spends a lot of time by himself just thinking. Wisdom is within, and it takes time alone to discover it.

The Hermit isn’t lonely or morose, just contemplative. He likes it where he is. And though he might not throw a lot of parties, he’ll welcome you if you drop by.

When the Tower shows up in the Hermit’s realm, it certainly messes with his routine, but he’s been through more than one shake up in his long life, and faces the commotion unruffled.

Mars in Virgo, or the Tower striking the Hermit, is a time to throw away your old routine and start building a new one.

A new perspective is almost certain to arise, and it’s likely to come from somewhere unexpected.

Don’t be afraid to look beyond your comfort zone, and don’t give up the details just because things around you seem chaotic.

It’s time to energetically reorganize and create a new plan of action that will be even better than before.

Stick with what you need to do and keep going. Things will calm down soon enough, and you’ll know so much more by the time it’s done.

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