Mercury in Capricorn – Magician in the Devil’s Clothing

Mercury in Capricorn, the Magician dressing in the Devil's Clothing

the Magician dressed as the Devil

From a Tarot perspective, it’s like the Magician is wearing the Devil’s clothing. He’s ditched the robes and is letting his beard grow.

The Magician is bright, quick, and not easily restrained. He rules his world, a world he created for himself through determination and a focused will.

And he knows how to inspire. He’s a man with a silver tongue and a wit to match.

He’s always got a fresh perspective and all the tools necessary to make his vision a reality.

The Devil is very different sort of character. He’s dark and controlling, and doesn’t bother trying to convince or enchant. He’s more likely to simply demand.

Nor is he particularly interested in concepts of free will, or self-determination. He’s concerned more with the nuts and bolts of things, and when he’s made up his mind he sees no reason for discussion.

He’s sure he’s right and not many have the courage to tell him any different.

The Devil does get things done though, and he plays as hard as he works. If he could just lighten up a bit, he might not be so scary.

The Magician isn’t as comfortable in this position as he is out in the sun, but he likes the Devil’s raw power and will do his best to use it to his advantage.

Mercury in Capricorn, or the Magician dressed as the Devil, can be a time of intense communication and practical inspiration.

There’s an opportunity now to reevaluate areas in your life that seem out of control, or too controlled.

If you’re obsessing on anything, this might be the time to refocus your intentions and use that compulsive type energy in the service of your higher goals rather than towards more of the same old routines that don’t seem to be getting you anywhere.

Communication is especially clear and practical during this transit, though it’s more focused on the physical realities than on philosophical ideals. Use it to plan and restructure, there will be time soon enough to let yourself dream.

And if you don’t try to trick anyone, or force your will on them, it’s a great time to hone your leadership skills. As far as your own life goes, you’re definitely the one in charge.

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