Moon in Pisces – High Priestess in the Moon’s Clothing

High Priestess dressed in the moon's clothing

Described in Tarot cards, this transit would be like the High Priestess is dressed as the Moon. She’s lost her material body and has disappeared into the celestial body that usually rests at her feet.

The High Priestess is stillness, silence and reflection. She is quiet calm, unafraid of the night.

She listens, perceives, hears what’s around her and mirrors it all back and beyond the shadows.

The High Priestess is master of her emotions, able to control the sometimes powerful flow of feelings we experience when faced with the night.

The Moon is the night. It is darkness, mystery and secrets so hidden they’re never, ever exposed.

Like the crustacean rising out of the ocean, the moon reflects the deepest part of our inner selves. It’s the part of us that feels but doesn’t rationalize.

The Moon highlights our fears, but also our sensitivity to the world beyond what’s seen. Psychic powers blossom under its gaze.

The High Priestess is right at home in the darkness of the Moon. No one’s asking her to explain anything and she’s not telling. She only has to feel, her intuition fills in any holes.

The Moon in Pisces, or High Priestess dressed as the Moon, is a time of increased perception, ill-defined understanding and what might be described as night vision.

During this time you could find your dreams feel more real than your daylight hours and what’s not said is louder than what is.

Fears might grow like a boogieman under the bed, but if you just take a peek, they’re as likely to be dust bunnies as demons or ghosts.

Be still, aware and fearless. It might be dark outside, but if there was ever a time you can navigate the unknown, this is it. Listen, breathe, flow.

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