Saturn in Sagittarius – World Dressed as Temperance

World Dressed as Temperance

From a Tarot perspective it’s like the World card’s Dancer is dressed in the Temperance Angel’s clothing. She’s put on a robe, dropped her batons, and picked up a couple of chalices.

The World card represents the euphoric conclusion to something that’s taken a long time to achieve. It’s the moment we can finally say, ‘we did it!’ as we begin to plan for the next stage.

There’s a celebratory element to this card, as well as a willingness to open up and show the world both our vulnerabilities and our successes.

Though structures and boundaries remain, they now begin to morph into what will become the newest cycle on our journey.

Temperance, on the other hand, is more concerned with balance than with dancing.

Instead of euphoria, the Temperance angel likes to keep the flow of life even, not too high, or too low.

But that doesn’t mean this angel is dull, after all, it’s no easy feat to mix fire and water, and earth and air in perfect harmony.

And harmony is something the World card’s dancer can certainly appreciate. She’s happy to step outside of her usual limits and focus her enthusiasm on bringing life’s elements together.

Saturn in Sagittarius, or the World card’s dancer dressed in the Temperance angel’s clothing, is a time of active equilibrium.

Use this period to focus on balancing out any areas of disharmony you might be experiencing.

Meditate, practice yoga, make art, or do anything that involves healing and/or recalibration. It probably won’t be hard to get enthused, and pacing yourself will likely be easier than usual.

Find your center, and dance a little while you do it.

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