Venus in Libra – the Empress in Justice's Clothes

Venus in Libra, Empress in Justice's Clothing

Empress as Justice

From a Tarot perspective, this transit would be like the Empress is wearing the clothes of Justice. She’s gotten tough and taken up the sword.

The Empress is about creation and abundance. She encourages play and wants to shower the whole world in joy.

She’s a hands on type mother, and maybe a little indulgent, but she knows the world can be tough. If she can provide her children with protection from what’s ugly and cold, she’ll do it.

And she’ll do it with style. The Empress is beauty in all its manifestations, and love fills everything she touches.

Justice, on the other hand is a little more hard-core. It’s not that she doesn’t love, but she’s more concerned that things are fair or right.

She insists on balance, clarity and respect for authority. Not the authority of the dictator, but the authority of a more universal law.

Rules are guides to ‘right living’, and can be very useful. But Justice is more than just rules, she’s the guardian of nature’s interplay.

She recognizes the power of a butterfly’s wings, and does her best to remind us all about the complicated relationships between cause and effect.

The Empress would rather throw a sumptuous dinner party than wield the sword of karma, but if hard decisions have to be made, at least she’ll make them with love.

Venus in Libra, or the Empress in the clothes of Justice, is a time of creative realignment, a chance to lovingly balance what’s most important in our lives.

Use this period to focus on what’s working for you, especially in terms of your relationships. Not only between yourself and others, but also between yourself and the activities you engage in.

Are they leading to the results you set out for, or might this be a good time to prune back, and/or fertilize particular areas of your life’s garden.

No need to be harsh, in fact, it’s best to be gentle, but being decisive is important. With a clear mind and compassionate heart, you’ll know what you have to do next.

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