Mars in Taurus – The Tower's Lightening Strikes the Hierophant's Throne

May 11th, 2011 § 2 comments

Tower Striking the Hierophant's Throne

Lightening Strikes the Hierophant

Mars moves into Taurus today and stays there until June 21st.

Looking at this transit through the eyes of the Tarot, it’s like the Tower’s lightening has struck the Hierophant’s throne. And his acolytes are tumbling down.

The Tower is always a surprise. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something shocking proves you’re wrong.

We build towers for defense, protection and a higher perspective. But if we’re not careful, they can easily become prisons. Prisons so high, they become lightening rods.

The Tower in the Tarot provides liberation from those elements in our life that have become too solid, unyielding, or concrete. It’s a destructive force, but one that can bring enlightenment along with it.

The Hierophant, on the other hand, is much more comfortable when the world feels grounded. He likes things straight ahead, steady and controlled.

He is what tradition is all about. He’s the masculine moral authority, and rules are very important to him. He doesn’t typically look well on surprises.

But he does appreciate enlightenment. In fact that’s why he’s so concerned with the rules. He uses ritual and tradition to find a path to the divine.

The Tower might come announced to the Hierophant‘s chambers, but the old master won’t likely be too disturbed. He’s more apt to use the situation as a spiritual lesson, like he’d been expecting it all along.

When Mars moves into Taurus, and the Hierophant’s stone throne is struck by lightening, we might find that what we thought was certain, no longer seems so obvious.

Belief structures might shift, and rules that used to make sense might now feel outmoded.

Old ways of seeing the spirit, religion or traditional structures are all up for review. As could be our perceptions about who really has moral authority.

Don’t be afraid of letting tradition for tradition’s sake fall away. And if an idol or two falls with it, that’s all right too.

It might be a bit chaotic for a moment, but this is your chance to find faith in yourself. Use it as an opportunity to start being your own last word.

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