Happy World Tarot Day!

May 25th, 2011 § 2 comments

To honour this magical day, and the fabulous cards it celebrates, I pulled a single card to add to the World’s Largest Tarot Reading.

It’s meant to represent what Tarot can offer the world this year.

Georgie draws the King of Swords for World Tarot Day 2011

Georgie Draws the King of Swords

The card I got was the King of Swords. Nothing sweet and fuzzy about this guy. I get the feeling that for 2011, the Tarot wants to be hardcore.

We can expect it to give us advice that’s straight and clear. This king isn’t mean, but he doesn’t mince words. And he’s sophisticated enough to say what he needs to without having to force his point.

Advice dealing with direction and mastery of the intellect is highlighted. In order to be an authority, you have to act like one. And per this king’s model, a leader is smart, clear, quick and decisive.

He’s got a scientific turn of mind and isn’t interested in either hocus-pocus or over-emotionality. His communication skills are brilliant, as is his deductive reasoning.

It looks like the Tarot wants to be taken a lot more seriously this year than it has been to date. It’s focused, directed and sure, and encourages us to be so too.

And maybe this is a call for more research to be done on how Tarot works. Not just how to do it, but why it works, from as rational a perspective as the cards will allow.

The Tarot wants to flex its intellectual authority this year. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

Here’s a clip of Tarot lovers from the Official World Tarot Day website. Check it out, then visit the site, there’s lots of fun happening there today!!

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