Scott Grossberg's 'Hand's of Truth'

January 16th, 2012 § 0 comments

In the video below, Scott Grossberg, creator of the Deck of Shadows, demonstrates a reading technique he calls the Hands of Truth.

He describes the method as being similar to using a pendulum in that ideo motor responses from the body direct the reading.

In Grossberg’s technique, a reader randomly chooses two cards from the deck and turns them up. He or she then passes them to the querent who holds each card face up in each hand.

The reader then tells the querent that one of their hands is going to rise, while the other will get lower. There’s no rush for this to happen, but typically it does.

The reader then takes the card from the lower hand and reads it as being an energy the querent is leaving. The card from the raised hand represents where they are likely headed.

It’s an interesting twist on a two-card reading, and really allows for the querent to be involved.

I think I’ll try it out with someone soon.

Scott was a guest on Beyond Worlds back at the end of 2010. He spoke about his Deck of Shadows and a lot of other interesting and magical things. You can listen to the show here …

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