Mars in Pisces – The Tower's Lightening Strikes the Moon

February 2nd, 2013 § 0 comments

Mars in Pisces, the Tower's Lightening Strikes the MoonMars moves into Pisces today and will stay there until March 12th.

In the language of the Tarot, this transit could be described as the Tower’s lightening striking the dark landscape of the Moon. Its night sky has become unexpectedly bright.

When the Tower’s lightening appears, it usually does so with little notice, but with a great deal of energy. It’s fast, bright, and somewhat shocking.

The fire it ignites is strong enough to topple kings, and make solid structures seem like sand.

The Tower asks us to let go, and we might as well listen. Sometimes it’s safer to leap than to languish.

The Moon on the other hand, moves more slowly, and is certainly less decisive.

It’s dreamy and unclear, mysterious and mostly silent.

Under the Moon’s gaze, feelings make more sense than words, and instincts are more dependable than logic.

Though the Moon isn’t particularly comfortable with the Tower’s sudden flash of fire, there’s no denying its energizing effect.

Mars in Pisces, or the Tower’s lightening striking the Moon, is a great time to stir up the muck and start recharging.

Though you might rather avoid new ideas, situations, or even people, doing so could cost you the opportunity to see something more clearly than you had before.

Pay attention to flashes of sudden psychic insight you might experience, and don’t shy away from looking your emotional fears straight in the face.

Though new perspectives might throw you for a bit of a loop, you’re going to be fine. Follow your instincts and you’ll stay on path.

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